Weekly Photo Challenge: “Zig Zag”

Shifting Sands

Accretion … Erosion

                     Dynamic tug of war

pushing and pulling

tiny granules of rock to and from beaches.

tug of war

Winds, waves, water levels;

                         Summer sands … Winter Sands

create jagged lines and unexpected turns.

wind, waves, water level

Give geologic meaning to

                                           coastal sands  uniquely sculpted by

littoral cell location.

Caught between headlands;

shifting to and fro.

Caught between headlands

Time-travel duration short or long …

                                         sifting sands measured by days, years;

and on through epochs of  time.

epochs of time

Evidenced in shoreline change patterns

                              along dune-backs, coastal bluffs,

marine terraces, beaches, and sandy shores.

shoreline patterns

zig zag

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge: “Zig Zag”

Science behind this post-

Synthesis of information learned in Oregon Master Naturalist Class:http://justanothernatureenthusiast.org/2014/03/23/sands-of-time/

USGS Publication:  Shoreline Change

15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: “Zig Zag”
  1. Thank you, Quarksire-
    Didn’t want this piece to read like a Wikipedia article! So I played with incorporating some of sandy-beach science concepts into a more poetic format…

    So glad you enjoyed 🙂
    Hope you are having a pleasant week-

  2. Thank you for clicking in to see the complete photo-story. We returned home from a beach camping trip Thursday night. The textures in the sand and shoreline were particularly rich during this visit to the Coast. It was exciting to have the opportunity to create a collage with this week’s theme!

  3. Great entry. I love the ripples in the sand and the zigzag of the waves on the shoreline. What a stunning place.

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