Weekly Photo Challenge: “Dreamy”

My kayak
My Kayak…
suspends me in a place without time-
a dreamy vantage point
where I am cradled…
to witness and feel nature’s wonders.

Background Information
Kayaks have transported people for over 4,000 years.
Ancient peoples of the North Oceans-custom crafted “hunter’s boats” of stretched seal-skins over whale bone frames.
They set adrift on frigid Arctic and Bering Sea waters…
for the purpose of survival: hunting, trading, propelled by double-tipped paddles.
Each hand-made kayak was fitted to the body of the owner:
         length- three times the span of the paddler’s outstretched arms
         width- measure of the paddler’s hip plus two fists
         depth- paddler’s fist with an outstretched thumb
(Information from: Wikipedia-http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kayak )
This weeks Photo Challenge: “Dreamy


    1. I wonder when your dream will come true. Waterways are so dramatically and deeply frozen from what we can tell from the news reports. When the thaw does occur, I would imagine you will need to paddle cautiously until you get a feel for how much the volumes of melting waters affect the stream flows.

  1. Last time we took our kayaks out we were surrounded by dolphins strand feeding along the shore. It was magical. Your photos are lovely jane, as are your thoughts. Like the water lily especially.

  2. That’s a dreamy-looking sky, all right, with the mist blending into the clouds. Over our way, most summer cottage owners have closed them up this weekend (Thanksgiving). How much longer will you go kayaking this year?

    1. We should be able to get out some more this month, after that, we aren’t equipped for the cold…

      The weather is changing… the rains are returning.
      When we get the next batch of clear days, there is a place on a nearby river we want to explore.
      It’s not too nasty to paddle in the rain… but I can’t take the camera along 🙁

      Stay well-

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