UNLESS… Earth-friendly Chroniclers: Challenge 3~ Severe Weather and Wildlife Well-being

How is wildlife supported where you live when the weather turns extreme?

Extreme weather… it’s everywhere this month.  I wonder how  wildlife is managing.

Whether an area is experiencing unusual cold…


Or unseasonably warm temperatures…


wildlife  is bound to be affected until weather conditions improve.

In this week’s Earth-friendly Friday Challenge,  please share steps you or others in your area are taking to lessen the stress wildlife  experiences in finding food, water, or shelter.

It looks like severe weather remains in forecasts…

Click image for UNLESS Challenge guidelines

What are your ideas to help wildlife:

  • with food,
  • water, 
  • shelter from weather/ predators.

21 thoughts on “UNLESS… Earth-friendly Chroniclers: Challenge 3~ Severe Weather and Wildlife Well-being
  1. That all does make perfect sense. It is difficult, but you can have peace of mind that you sought advice and learned how to best handle a troubling situation so the deer ultimately have the best outcome.
    Thank you for sharing your insight. I hope what you learned will help others in a similar situation.
    Stay warm <3

  2. That they become dependent , it upsets their digestion and attracts other wild predators that learn the new place where deer congregate. It made perfect sense but still sad ❄️

  3. There’s no pressure, Ken. Participate as you are comfortable. I’m appreciative that you are taking an interest. This is, to use your wording, “an evolving” process.

    I can see some wisdom in allowing the native fauna to find its native food. I hope there is encouragement for the planting of native flora to help with keeping some balance. 😉

  4. I’m not doing too well with posts for your challenge, Jane. This one is interesting because, in general, we are not encouraged to feed our native fauna. Might be something to do with our temperate climate 🙂

  5. This is the first year that I’ve noticed the Mockingbirds being so territorial in my yard. Not sure I can do much about him being a bully.

    We got a good amount of snow last night and then freezing rain on top of it. But its suppose to warm up a little bit today so I’m hoping that it melts some of what’s been on the ground for what seems like forever. Last winter it was the same, the snow stuck around for along time. That is my main complaint about the past two winters, the snow not melting within a few days like it use to.

  6. Ah.. I remember Mockingbirds being”take charge” kind of characters. I haven’t seen Mockingbirds here, although some bird habitat range maps do show them as resident birds. I recall they visited the yard often where I grew up in Abington. Good to hear there is some “melt” time for water. I hope that continues, but National News tonight leads me to believe relief is not quite yours yet. 🙁

  7. I walked in the woods today during a blizzard and also saw some deer from my window and had the same thoughts! I wanted to feed them but after some research I did not. I am glad I am not a deer or a little bird today!

  8. I have a few posts of birds I’m seeing out by the feeder. There is also a sour cherry tree just off the porch that some of them enjoy right now, as well as two berry bushes. I have a mockingbird who is being a bully now. There has been some melting off on the sunny days so I hope they are getting a drink from that.

  9. Jennifer, that is so good to hear. My sister has been keeping up to date about weather in the Ambler area… oh!!!….so!!!… Cold!!! Great to keep food available for the birds. I wonder how they are doing with water?
    If you have time, I would love to see photos of the birds you are attracting. Could you share a post with photos?
    Stay warm and safe-

  10. I’ve kept ample supplies of birdseed in the feeder, hung out some high energy suet and sprinkled some dried cranberries around for the birds.

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