Transformation | Time


transforms timber

on and off

the tree.

decays framework

of and from

the tree.

returns energy

to and for

new tree.

Weekly Photo Challenge: November22, 2017 | “Transformation

9 thoughts on “Transformation | Time
  1. True- I was trying to figure out times of day. You’re more than half way through my tomorrow. I’ll be heading off to sleep during your yesterday. Weird!

  2. Thank you for the reminder. Silly me… I totally enjoyed that post and shared it with my family over the holidays. However, it appears I left out the important step of commenting about how interesting the Gardens are… I’m headed over to your blog now. 😉

  3. Good question, Ken. It was a bird house. Remnant from a creative avian architecture series my husband crafted a few years ago. Nature probably is correct in her attempt to bat this one down. Between squirrels chewing at it and weather wearing it away… it is time for this one to come down!

  4. Is it a bird house or letterbox that has suffered, Jane? It is interesting that we all clean up our own gardens after weather events, but nature intended us to leave alone what occurs in the wild. Happily, our local conservation areas are being left alone, for fallen limbs to become habitats, compost or whatever. 🙂

  5. Yes, although I took a poetic approach to this, and respect Nature’s cycles… there is some labor intensive work to be done with cleaning up limbs that came down in recent Will need to speed up decay with grinding…
    Thanks for the empathy, Patrick.

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