Structure | “Head Over Heels” Stickwork

Branches and limbs that normally provide natural structure for native willows and Red Osier Dogwood were harvested…


to provide Structure for sculptures collectively titled- “Head Over Heels.” The installation is at Orenco Woods Nature Park in Hillsboro, Oregon.

During the Spring of 2017, artist Patrick Dougherty was assisted by a flock of 150 volunteers. Together, they spent over 1000 hours busy as birds during nesting season. With determination, they bent and twisted subtle sticks of all sizes into nest-like structures to create a wonderland of woodsy whimsies.


Although these creations are expected to last only 2-5 years, park visitors of all ages will enjoy the humor and playfulness these structures inspire.

Weekly Photo Challenge: August 30, 2017 | “Structure”

18 thoughts on “Structure | “Head Over Heels” Stickwork
  1. Art is like that. Some you take to immediately, others you come round to and others leave you permanently cold. Seeing your granddaughter’s enjoyment would be a big help. I took to them immediately but I wouldn’t want them in my own garden.

  2. Hello Irene,
    It’s funny to admit, but I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about these structures when I first saw them. However, they have a way of growing on a person. Now I am fond of them and laugh when I watch my grand-daughter gleefully run through them!

  3. That’s fun to imagine. I think they will need to be a tolerant sort of bird… kids of all ages romp about within these magical spaces!

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