“Spring” Weekly Photo Challenge

Spring Nest Building Season – Lesser Goldfinch


The Dandelions in our yard are producing particularly large seed pods…
much to the delight of birds looking for soft nest-lining materials.
Nesting Facts

The female builds most of the nest over 4 to 8 days, while the male stays nearby and watches. She begins by collecting plant materials such as leaves, bark, catkins, cocoons and spiderwebs in her bill. She weaves these together into a cup and then lines the nest with hair, feathers, wool, rabbit fur, or cottonseed fibers to complete a dense, cup about 3 inches wide and an inch deep.

Nest Placement

Lesser Goldfinches often nest in cottonwoods and willows along rivers, though they nest in a variety of trees and bushes. The female Lesser Goldfinch selects the nest site, choosing a spot in a fork of branches. They like spots concealed by clusters of leaves, or shaded by lichens or grapevines. Nests are built 4 to 8 feet or higher off the ground and usually on slender twigs several feet out from a main branch.

Resource:  http://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Lesser_Goldfinch/lifehistory

12 thoughts on ““Spring” Weekly Photo Challenge
  1. Thank you, Tina. It was a pleasant surprise to look out the dining room window to watch that little group of finches so hard at work. I felt sad having to mow the yard the next day. However, other dandelions replaced the mowed-down batch… the finches resumed… and I think all are happy!

  2. She must have been nearly as industrious as you were with the canary grass, flinging that dandelion fluff around — there’s a seed on her back.

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