What comes to mind when you hear the phrase, “Sands of time?

An hour glass?… video game?… song title?… book?…

Those would have been my thoughts, too.

Until now.

My most recent Oregon Master Naturalist class put the notion of sands of time into a much different perspective. David Lonsdale gave this phrase new meaning as he lead a full day of activities and learning discoveries at the Hatfield Marine Science Center, and nearby South Beach State Park in Newport, Oregon.

The photo-circles above clearly show “sand.” We find it on beaches everywhere and easily recognize it as tiny-tiny particles of pulverized rock and mineral. We’re happy when we get to the beach, and promptly begin to enjoy sand-related activities; not really giving sand much of a second thought. But a healthy helping of  ”second thought” is what sand deserves. It is fascinating. And so are the physical and biological systems that rely on sand.

Click on this sand dot to join my day in the Sands of Time…



  1. I clicked on your link. Fascinating! Though, I am not sure I like knowing about the microorganisms that live in sand.:) I love the images of macroflora especially the coastal strawberry.

    1. It is amazing! Happy to know you enjoyed the photos. There’s probably are some parallels between Oregon and New Jersey when it comes to dunes stabilization projects. Although the Jersey shore sure has taken a beating over the last decade. I think I remember strawberries growing in the dunes near Avalon when I was a kid…

      1. It’s interesting how we each relocated to the opposite sides of the states (I can’t remember if I mentioned that was born in California). Visiting the state of Oregon is on my bucket list. I especially love lighthouses so my future visit will need to be at least 2 weeks so I can visit as many lighthouses I can as well as the national parks within your gorgeous state.

    1. I so agree with you. That’s why taking classes and sharing what we learn can be so rewarding. (That’s the teacher in me coming out!) And… this is where our blogs are so enlightening. I have been learning so much through the selective mining of blogs and finding amazing gems of information.

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