Nature Drawing & Journaling

When I use photography to capture moments in nature…

I feel a flow that erases time and replaces human measures with spiritual connections.

No words are necessary in these encounters…

All I need are curiosity and the sense of wonder my parents inspired when I was a little girl. They shared their nature wisdom during walks in the woods, along beaches, amongst gardens, beside ponds, and under the stars… often silence was more powerful than what our words could convey.

When I use drawing and journaling…

I hope words and human measures will help me to apply science to clarify, explore, or explain some of the details and ecological patterns Nature so wisely wraps around all she creates. I think combining drawing with photography will help me broaden my understanding about Nature connections and structures.

Off we go!

Three-spined Stickleback | 03-20-2021
Cooper’s Hawk | 03-15-2021