Anti-Racist and Black History Studies

Shouldn’t end in February…

This year, I set a personal goal during Black History month to organize a pathway for expanding my understandings about the historical, social, ethical, and experiential factors that impact and shape the lives of Black people in the United States.

To do this, I’ve selected books suggested by respected members of the Black community. And, I’ve supplemented those with a few others that will shed new perspectives in areas that are dear to me- music, photography, and natural history. This is not an all-inclusive collection… merely a starting point.

My quest begins this month with the assemblage of the materials I imagine will take some time to study and to give time for reflection… this truly is a journey that I will not rush.

Here is where I begin. I will attach links to pages sharing my progress as I go.

Note added: April 20, 2021– Today inspires hope for true justice, accountability, and enduring systemic change. The guilty verdict, on all counts, against Derek Chauvin in the George Floyd murder trial is a long-awaited victory for Blacks. Many who were interviewed after hearing the conviction emphasized and celebrated this as an important step for justice, and putting an end to racism.

02/27/2021- this book is currently being read.
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