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Why do I care?

Our home is in a unique setting. We are located on Glencoe Swale, a small wetland nestled inside the city limits of Hillsboro, Oregon. You wouldn’t know by looking at this photo that the riparian zone of this beautiful area is lined by a dozen-or-so suburban neighborhoods, several schools, small and large businesses, as well as an airport.

Every day, I am in awe of the biodiversity of the non-human residents who also call my neighborhood “home.” Our property, that includes one and a quarter acres of the wetland, provides a window to observe flora and fauna in the wetland, forest, and suburban habitats associated with the swale. The more I observe and learn… the more I want to ensure its ability to sustain all who depend on it for food, water, shelter, and a place to raise their young.


Where I live, love for nature, Oregon Master Naturalist training, background as an educator, and concern for the environmental well-being of our planet merge to provide inspiration to act locally and initiate a meaningful ecological endeavor: to start a “friends of natural area/ environmental stewardship team.”

My goal is to build a network with local conservation-oriented groups and agencies to learn how to create a citizen ecologist/naturalist group. Forming an active friends group  of local people interested in becoming stewards of this unique wildlife habitat area can do a lot to promote nature literacy. Regularly scheduled meetings and activities offer important opportunities as a:

  • forum for conversation/discussion about ecological/environmental concerns, and
  • platform to plan/implement/monitor conservation actions we can take at home and in our community.

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