Oregon State Parks- Beverly Beach

A lovely place to camp…


We were quite cozy and comfortable in our back-in campsite. Under the cover of stately conifers and secluded by native small trees and shrubs “the neighbors” did not seem uncomfortably close.

Stepping into Nature is easy to do…

Sample breath-taking sunsets

Walk down a short path, stroll under the Coast Highway 101 Bridge, step over a few logs… and there you are. Ready to watch colors change over sky and sea.
Watch what the critters are up to
With very limited wifi* and cell phone coverage… there are NO excuses! One must pay attention to the daily-doings of those who are lucky not to be “wired.”
* If you must have a wifi connection…
The Welcome Center has free internet and sets of tables with chairs for comfortable seating for you and your laptop or tablet. I appreciated having the library-like setting to preview photographs and to check my blog. 
Oregon Park Rangers and volunteers in the Welcome Center were knowledgeable and helpful with questions about plant identification. There are Beverly Beach-related nature displays and a gift shop here as well. I purchased an Oregon tidal pool field guide; it was a most helpful book purchase!
De-stress… saunter a while along Spencer Creek nature trails
There are well-maintained nature trails that run throughout the park. They run alongside a beautiful coastal stream named Spencer Creek and provide excellent opportunities for a quick walk with the dog… or a longer pensive walk alone or with a special someone…
Delight in the discovery of abundant plant life in this temperate rain forest ecosystem.
 Flowering Plants
If you can help with the identification of any of these species; please let me know in the comments. They are each numbered for reference. Thanks
 Skunk Cabbage and Conifer Trees
These two ordinary-type plants take on a whole new looks here at Beverly Beach Park.
 That’s the one word that best describes the skunk cabbage. Some of the plants have leaves that are as long as I am tall… About five feet and three inches!

That’s the one word that best describes the Western Hemlock and Sitka Spruce trees that grow in the area. Known as “Octopus Trees” the interesting root systems are the result of a process that started in the early 1900’s when Spruce trees were logged. Prior to the mechanized cutting methods used today, loggers left behind very tall stumps.  As those stumps started to decompose, they trapped  water and supplied nutrients that new tree saplings needed to grow… thus becoming a nurse stump.
As new conifer trees grew in the nurse stumps and matured, they pushed their roots through the rotting wood and down into the soil. Eventually, the nurse log fully decomposed and the roots of the new tree are exposed. Bark is formed as protection and the twisted roots form the base of the tree. 
“Octopus Tree” is the name given to these amazingly unique trees!
Behold beautiful beach scenery no matter what the weather may be-
The experience of travel to Beverly Beach would not be complete without a walk on the beach. 
It seems fitting to end these photo travels through the park with this clipping from “Oregon Coast TODAY” that tells the story of how this wonderful place received its name…
“The storybook quality of the park is enhanced by the tale behind its name, which it shares with the adjacent cliff top community of Beverly Beach. According to “Oregon Geographic Names,” by Lewis A. McArthur and Lewis L. McArthur, when Florence May Christy and Curtis F. Christy were developing the community in the 1930s, they asked their daughter Florence Daneene Christy Pearson what she thought it should be called. Little Florence decreed that the place should be named after her favorite doll — Beverly, a name that has stuck to this day. 
21 thoughts on “Oregon State Parks- Beverly Beach
  1. Hello Beth at OR State Parks-
    I’m delighted you enjoyed the post 🙂 Beverly Beach is certainly a gem, and we had an outstanding experience there… lovely location and lovely people. The Park staff was cordial and helpful.

    We’re headed to Beachside State Park this week. That will be the next “Oregon State Parks” post. Looking forward to our beach-front site <3

    Thank you for the contact number,

  2. Wonderful depiction of one of our favorite parks (it’s always in the top 224). Hope you enjoyed the rest of your visit, and let us know if you need anything (oregonstateparks.org, or 1-800-551-6949).

  3. Thank you, Ron.
    Your comments are very thoughtful. I’m so happy you enjoyed the post.
    We are most fortunate to have so many beautiful state parks along the entire coast line.
    I’m looking forward to adding more coverage as we continue exploring the Oregon State Park campsites with our little cabin-on-wheels!
    Next week, we’ll pay a visit to another park on the coast. 🙂

  4. Hello Magiemagmags-
    I’m so excited that you came for a visit and enjoyed the photos.
    You would really like this park. You would fit inside the roots on some of the octopus trees.
    Wouldn’t that make a great picture?
    <3 Jane

  5. What a great depiction of the park. I love the fact Oregon has such great beach acccess for all. Your coverage of all the specimens was great. You really captured the park and the Oregon Coast.


  6. I was happy to learn this story, too. Until our park visit- where the explanation for the “octopus tree” was highlighted in the visitor center- I thought this was kind-of a mythical tale. Now it makes sense 🙂

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