*Ooh, Shiny! | Gloved Clouds

Distracted by  finger-like clouds

as they grasped the sky

and pulled their way in

from the Coast.

Weekly Photo Challenge: August 16 ,2017 | “Ooh,Shiny!”

* 12/35   I’m playing catch-up with 2017 Weekly Photo Challenge Posts | Names, Ambience, Graceful, Re-purpose, Solitude, Shadow, Against the Odds, A Good Match, The Road Taken, Wish, Atop, It Is Easy Being Green!, Dense, Security, Surprise, Earth, Wanderlust, Danger!, Reflecting, Heritage, Evanescent, Friend, Order, Focus, Transient, Delta, Bridge, Collage, Unusual, Satisfaction, Textures, Elemental, Ooh, Shiny!, Corner, Structure

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