Build a Bat House

Project # 2- Bat House


Click for pdf Instructions


Click for bathhouse templates


Click for information about North American Bats

These kid projects are from the “This Old House” website –

toh-header-logoClick for website


  1. Hello Jane. Glad to have met you today at the Hoover Dam bridge. 🙂 I’ve been looking through your site and found your bat house page. We, well maybe just the Greek Hubby built a bat house to put up at our cabin in Prescott AZ. We finished the cabin last June and had bats sleeping at the peak of our porch. So, the Hubs looked online and created a fun bat house that we just installed last week. Enjoyed our online conversation earlier today. KCinAZ


    1. Hi KC- I’m anxious to give the bat house building project a try here. We have many around our night air space in the summer. They come out to feed on insects over the wetland at the front of our property! I like the Prescott area … not as hot and deserty as the Phoenix area (If memory serves me correctly). Jane


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