Plant Identification | Plants of the Pacific Northwest Coast (revised)

This is a must have book for any one who strives to identify native plants in the Pacific Northwest Coast ecoregion. My copy is not yet showing the extent to which it has already been used. I think the book was purposely made of fairly rugged construction because the authors and publisher  knew that owners of this field guide would be referring to it often. I wish I had taken a shot of the copy owned by a member of my Oregon Master Naturalist cadre… his book is a well-loved edition that has seen many a trail, and even more plants.

The format of this book is perfectly organized for ease in locating plant species with color-coded divisions for: Trees, Shrubs, Wildflowers, Aquatics Oddballs, Graminoids (Grasses, Sedges, Rushes), Ferns & Allies, Mosses & Liverworts, Lichens.

The photos, graphics, and maps are very helpful. As are the informative details about the general appearance, leaves, flowers, fruit, and ecology.

But wait… that ‘s not all, the authors also include notes that relate interesting aboriginal and local uses as well as tidbits about the plant’s unique characteristics and origins of names.

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