I’d Rather Be | outside with Nature and my camera

Mother Nature provides infinite inspiration with endless possibilities.  No matter where I look, there she is. Wonderful thing is… most of the time, she has a way of sneaking up on me with surprises I’d never have anticipated.


Weekly Photo Challenge: 03-14-18 “I’d Rather Be…


  1. So much to enjoy any time we can get out. I’ve gotten lazy and just use my iPhone these days. I’ve been thinking about dusting off the camera again, though it may take worse photos than the phone.

  2. Photo number 7 caught my eye. Green growing on the left with a flower and a twig on the right. The dark background also adds to the image. Well done.

  3. Lovely gallery, Jane, and I agree with where you’d like to be. I like to be there, too. I also love that header photo of the owl. 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend.


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