A collection of articles written about human interaction with nature. “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” ― Dr. Seuss, The Lorax.

Our impact on nature is a mixed bag:
– inspiring/ embarrassing   
– encouraging/ discouraging 
– joyful/ maddening 
– constructive/ destructive
The following is my ongoing compilation of thoughts written about the human / nature relationship.I’d love to hear your reactions or thoughts about the articles in comments.

  Have you heard about the threat bailing twine and fishing line poses for Osprey?


Photo- USFWS
Photo- USFWS
  What will be the fate of the elephants?


 5-16-14_zone_4_sea-star_wasting_disease_2-2 Why are Sea Stars disappearing…?

Photo credit: CBS
 GSA Today – What is Plastiglomerate?

Photo Credit:Wikimedia Commons


Could the drop in oil prices be the end of the Keystone XL/ Tars sands environmental threats?


    1. Hi Liz-
      Pardon the delayed response, please. I’ve been caught up with the holidays, which were quite wonderful. First one with a grandchild!!! What an absolute delight!

      No, I hadn’t seen this video before. Thank you for sharing the link. This is another piece of information I will pass along to my Oregon Master Naturalist cadre. This is all so scary…


      1. Lovely to read of your time spent with your grandchild, makes this time of the year so much more fulfilling.
        “Plastiglomerate” is a new word for me too…. it’s a horrible reflection on our impact as a future geological marker.

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