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I have a new title on my iPad Kindle, “Understanding Exposure,”  fourth edition by Brian Peterson. My plan is to use this book as a study guide to improve my manual photography skills.

Brian explained there are three photo situations when attention to aperature choice is especially important:

  1. Storytelling
  2. Isolation or Singular-theme
  3. “Who Cares”

My focus in this post is on the Storytelling aperature. Brian suggested that this technique be applied to an image to tell a story with a beginning (foreground subject), a middle (the middle-ground subject), and an end (the background subject).

What do you think? Did I succeed with foreground, middle-ground, and background all in focus?

The trick is using biggest f-stop numbers because storytelling compostions rely on maximum depth of field. Brian’s manual instructed me to:

  • Turn off autofocus
  • Set aperture to f-22
  • Align distance-setting mark on the lens to 1 meter or 3 feet
  • Consider going to knees in order to compose immediate foreground
  • Adjust shutter speed for correct exposure.

I tried this focusing techique on the last Fall color on our Cherry tree.  Was the Storytelling composition technique also appropriate for this shot’s fore, middle, and background?

Weekly Photo Challenge: June 14, 2017 | “Focus


    1. I appreciate your kindness, Ken. I was just looking at the world clock on my I pad and dreaming about your part of the Earth in Spring. While you view the orange, red, and yellow of Autumn in my photos…. I’m longing for the pastels of Spring!! Happy you are posting garden photos on your blog😉

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