Favorite Photos of 2019 | Squirrel Portraits

2019 was the first year I didn’t need to travel to an Oregon State Park to watch the playful and perky antics of one of my favorite rodents- the Douglas Tree Squirrel. One day, a brave soul appeared very unexpectedly when it ventured out of the neighboring woods.

He scrambled down a large Ash tree…

Crossed a tangle of grape vines…

Shimmied up a pole to sample seeds from one of the bird feeders,And has continued to return since his big discovery.

I enjoy opportunities to watch Douglas Squirrels whenever this favorite furry friend chooses to come for a snack in our back yard.

The Douglas Squirrel is native to southwestern British Columbia and the Pacific Coastal states all the way down to Northern California. The Douglas Squirrel needs trees that have cones with seeds to survive, so they only live in forests with plenty of conifer trees. The high-pitched squeaky bark serves as an alert that a Douglas Squirrel is nearby.

Submitted for the Lens-Artist photo challenge #77 |Favorite Photos of 2019

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