Curved Building + Curved Glass = Lighthouse

Curving Fresnel Lenses

Concentrate light

Beam’s reassuring rotation

Cast blinks

Out across sea swells

From perch upon

Curvy coastline shore

Lighthouse curved architecture

Performs vital mission

Tina’s Lens Artists Photo Challenge #28 is all about “Curves.”


  1. The inaccessible perches of some lighthouses astound me – I always wonder how the builders got the materials and the manpower to a particular spot to even begin construction, nevermind later getting the lighthousekeepers and their families there and back and keeping them supplied with their daily bread…

    1. So true. I’m finding answers to some of what you are wondering about! A longer post about the lighthouses is in the works 🙂

    1. Then you will like the post that I’m working on, Janet! There are nine historic lighthouses along the Oregon Coast… our last trip took us past five that we haven’t seen before. After a little more research that one will be ready to publish.

        1. We surprised ourselves with how much we tucked into a five day explore.
          Do you ever get the feeling that time changes somehow when travelling?

            1. Exactly… however, photos and having the blog to write and for reflection extends the experiences. Plus- a brain boost when we want to revisit. Love that search feature on WordPress blog!!

    1. Indeed it is!
      The maiden voyage with the RV last month took us past the lighthouses on the Oregon Coast that we hadn’t seen. I’m going to put that collection of photos in a post soon. 😉

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