“Change” Lunar Eclipse in Oregon

In this change, the Man-in-the-Moon speaks for himself…








This week’s Photo Challenge: “Change

16 thoughts on ““Change” Lunar Eclipse in Oregon
  1. Annette- I’m so disappointed for you, but glad these photos helped ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s one thing about viewing the night sky… it can be very unpredictable as the night shifts towards day. I suspect we may have some of the same difficulties with haze and clouds due to geographic locations.

  2. Great shots. We had a lovely large full moon as I went to bed, but by the time it had turned red at 3am it was covered in cloud. I enjoyed seeing your shots instead.

  3. Thank you so much, Jane. I have been nursing my beagle day and night since she was hit by a car. By the time I looked out, it was just another silvery full moon.

  4. My pleasure Aimee! Between the two Nikons, tripod… I’m pretty pleased with these,too. Although the full moon shot was taken a little later… Had to go home and warm up first. ๐ŸŒ˜๐ŸŒ—๐ŸŒ–๐ŸŒ•

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