Grow Smart Grow Safe

“Like others in your community and beyond, you may enjoy the beauty and bounty that a garden offers but wonder about the effects of garden chemicals. It’s a pretty serious issue. Insecticides, herbicides and other such chemicals can harm people and pets and pollute the environment. Many garden products developed in the last 60 years contain toxic ingredients that fight nature rather than work with it, altering a garden’s natural balance.

Times are changing. Whether working the land for subsistence, a hobby or a profession, an increasing number of people are seeking ways to grow and maintain their gardens effectively and sustainably. From using compost and mulch to watering wisely and reducing reliance on harmful chemicals- more people are gardening with nature, gaining the benefits of organic practices and getting results.

Grow Smart, Grow Safe can help you garden with nature, too. With ratings of 600 pesticides, fertilizers and soil amendments, this publication offers a comprehensive guide to lawn and garden products. The easy-to-use tables organize entries into categories that help you find lawn and garden products least hazardous to your pets and loved ones, wildlife, lakes, streams and groundwater. In addition, tips from regional experts offer simple ways to reduce pest problems without toxics and safely grow a productive, healthy garden.”     Grow Smart, Grow Safe – introduction

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