Native Plants for Willamette Valley Yards

Looking for ways to make your yard and community more sustainable? Planting well-chosen natives can create wildlife habitat, conserve water and reduce the need for pesticides and fertilizers that can pollute local rivers and streams. Using native plants in the landscape also brings the beauty of our region’s natural areas closer to home.

Natives nurture natural helpers

Songbirds, bumble bees, butterflies and other beneficial bugs attracted to native plants are not just fun to see. They fight garden pests, pollinate food crops and improve the soil. Native plants support these helpers so well because many have co-evolved over millennia. Add native plants to a portion of your yard and watch nature do some of your chores for you while also helping to protect biodiversity in the region.

Natives can be carefree

Choose native plants adapted to the sun, soil and space where you plan to plant them. Once established, they’ll likely thrive without added water, fertilizer or pesticide. Keep in mind that not all native plants are low maintenance in a garden setting. Some – like Nootka rose and Douglas spirea – will need plenty of room to grow or dry soil in summer to limit their spread.

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