Bird from Home | Common Yellowthroat

What usually happens-

Common Yellowthroats are easily heard, but not so easily seen.

Each spring, when this beautiful species migrates back to the wetland, I’m excited to hear its familiar song. This bird is like the Pied Piper… I drop whatever I’m doing and am lured to the wetland edge.

Over the years, my tracking ear has improved. I’m getting quicker at locating this handsome little bird to catch a glimpse.

Then, the inevitable happens, he dashes into the thicket just as I lift my camera for a much anticipated shot. I’ve been pursuing a photo since April 15th- first sighting of 2020.

This time was different-

There was no lure of the familiar, “Widgety, widgety, widgety.” I actually thought the Common Yellowthroat had moved a bit downstream to a different willow thicket.

I had my camera with me… no particular purpose in mind. It was actually a second thought, taken along with my morning cup of tea. As I sat soaking in the morning air and sipping tea, there was a rustle in the Nooka Roses at the edge of the wetland. At first, I didn’t pay the scratching in the leaf litter any attention. Probably a robin.

Was I mistaken… there I was eye-to-eye with a Common Yellowthroat who was out foraging breakfast!

This time I was fast on the focus, and look what resulted…

The best photos I’ve ever taken of a

Common Yellowthroat.

Submitted for the Lens-Artist photo challenge #93 |Morning

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