Arthropoda- Arthropods

Please, click on image to view information:  (* indicates photo only, text is still under construction. Many species still to be added.)

03-20-14_art_alder_flea_beetle_logo Alder Flea Beetle*

07-28-13_art_insect_blue_dasher_logo Blue Dasher*

 07-21-13_art_insect_blue_eyed_darner_logo Blue-eyed Darner*

04-18-14_bumblebee_logo Bumble Bee

08-21-13_art_insect_cabbage_white_butterfly_logo Cabbage White Butterfly*

05-14-13_art_cardinal_meadowhawk_logo Cardinal Meadow-hawk*

06-01-13_art_common_whitetail_logo Common White-tail*

06-14-13_art_damsel_fly_logo Damselfly*

01-23-14_art_earthworm_logo Earthworm*

07-21-13_art_insect_eigth-spotted_skimmer_logo Eight-spotted Skimmer*

04-06-14_art_honey_bee_logo Honey Bee*

20140719-DSC_9314  Hover Fly

04-06-14_art_insect_march_fly_logo March Fly*

04-09-14_art_insect_marsh_fly_logo Marsh Fly*

Tetanocera ferruginea_2 Marsh Fly (Tetanocera ferruginea)

07-01-13_art_insect_mason_bee_logo Mason Bee*

05-12-2014_art_insect_pacific_forktail_damselfly_1 Pacific Fork-tailed Damselfly*

 Robust Lancetooth Snail

06-28-13_art_satyr_angelwing_butterfly_g Saytr Angel-wing Butterfly*

08-30-13_art_spider_logo Spider*

07-01-13_art_insect_sweat_bee_logo Sweat Bee*

07-18-13_art_insect_western_flying_adder_logo Western Flying Adder*

06-20-13_art_western_pondhawk_skimmer_a Western Pond Hawk*

08-21-13_art_insect_woodland_skipper_ochlodes_sylvanoides_logo Woodland Skipper*

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