Just Another Nature Enthusiast ~ An acronym for me, JANEPhoto 420

My commitment to learning how to better observe, interpret, and share information about the natural sciences associated with dynamic earth is heart-felt. Inspiration comes from eagerness to nurture a sense of wonder about the natural world. I’d like to be an advocate who supports others in defining their own connections with nature, understanding why those connections are important, and  in the process, becoming nature literate. Seems to me there is an increasing urgency for nature literacy and the guiding principles it holds for the stewardship of a sustainable and healthy planet.

This website is where my nature discoveries and connections are collected, shared, and reflected upon.  

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  1. And because it means the way the world is born…
    makes it all the more important that we care about all the precious Earthly “new borns”… and nurture those vital natural resources.

    Glad you shared this bit of etymology.

  2. Ah, that makes sense. Sorry I didn’t pick up on the acronym.

    Speaking of nature, did you know that the Latin word natura meant essentially ‘the way the world is born’? You can see that in related words like nativity and natal.

  3. Hello Maggie-
    What a joy it must have been to work in one of the state parks! Fort Stevens has so many levels for appreciation- from nature to history- a favorite of ours, to be sure.

    I’m pleased you like the site; please feel welcome to visit any time 🙂 In the next day, or so, I will have photos and narrative for Cape Lookout and Cape Meares State Parks. Any feedback or suggestions you may have will be most appreciated.

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