Just Another Nature Enthusiast ~ An acronym for me, JANEPhoto 420

My commitment to learning how to better observe, interpret, and share information about the natural sciences associated with dynamic earth is heart-felt. Inspiration comes from eagerness to nurture a sense of wonder about the natural world. I’d like to be an advocate who supports others in defining their own connections with nature, understanding why those connections are important, and  in the process, becoming nature literate. Seems to me there is an increasing urgency for nature literacy and the guiding principles it holds for the stewardship of a sustainable and healthy planet.

This blog/website is where my nature discoveries and connections are collected, shared, and reflected upon.  I invite thoughts, both positive and critical, that others care to share in the “comments” section. Please always feel welcome to join a conversation.


  • Licensed Teacher State of Oregon: Elementary Grades K-8; retired (although I prefer the term- reinspired)
  • Master of Arts in Teaching: Curriculum & Instruction
  • Certificate: Portland State University; e-Learning Design and Development
  • Certificate: Oregon State University; Oregon Natural History
  • Certificate: Oregon State University; Oregon Master Naturalist
  • Certificate: EPA Watershed Management Training
  • Certificate: Oregon State University; Recycling
  • Certificate: Open Universiteit; Leadership track of UN Environment MOOC Marine Litter 2017
  • Certificate: Project Learning Tree
  • Volunteer:  Interpretive Blogging to support mission of Oregon State University-Oregon Master Naturalist Program
  • Weed Watcher: Tualatin River Watershed

Memberships/ Activities:

  • National Wildlife Federation: Certified Wildlife Habitat
  • Oregon Master Naturalist- volunteer
  • Beaver Willows Nature Habitat- landowner wetland stewardship project
  • Xerces Society- member
  • Member Environmental Education Association of Oregon
  • Northwest Earth Institute- member
  • Friends of Glencoe Swale- founder and coordinator

Citizen Scientist Projects  & Pledge Participation:

My Photo Equipment:

Although I occasionally grab quick shots with my iPhone, the majority of the photography shared on this blog is created with the following:

  • Nikon D500- lens most often attached is a Tamron 150mm-600mm
  • Nikon D850- various Nikon and Tamron lenses
  • Gitzo Traveler2 tripod and ball head


  1. Hello Komaldave7-
    Thank you for stopping by and leaving the encouraging comments. Please forgive the delay in acknowledging your kind remarks. I’m catching up… we had a family reunion at our home that took a bit more time to prepare for than I expected. All went well and was so much fun.
    As you can see, I’m a bit off the UNLESS schedule I set for myself. I should have a post up in the next week or so based on the topic of Stewardship. Hope you will check back. In the meanwhile… all the “challenges” are open-ended. Please feel welcome to add your thoughts and photos to any of them.
    Kind regards-

  2. Hello Steve-
    It’s an acronym using my name-
    J ust
    A nother
    N ature
    E nthusiast

    I love nature- that’s why I’ve dedicated my blog to learning all I can and sharing it here.

    Does that make better sense?

    Thank you for visiting my blog. Hope to see you again 🙂

    1. Ah, that makes sense. Sorry I didn’t pick up on the acronym.

      Speaking of nature, did you know that the Latin word natura meant essentially ‘the way the world is born’? You can see that in related words like nativity and natal.

      1. And because it means the way the world is born…
        makes it all the more important that we care about all the precious Earthly “new borns”… and nurture those vital natural resources.

        Glad you shared this bit of etymology.

  3. Hello Ryan-
    I am interested in your article about global warming and climate change. Is this assignment part of the Writing 101 WordPress class you are taking? Please tell me more about post sharing between blogs.

  4. Love seeing all the coastal photos. I worked at Ft. Stevens SP a long time ago, and lived in Oceanside for several years. Great site you have!.

    1. Hello Maggie-
      What a joy it must have been to work in one of the state parks! Fort Stevens has so many levels for appreciation- from nature to history- a favorite of ours, to be sure.

      I’m pleased you like the site; please feel welcome to visit any time 🙂 In the next day, or so, I will have photos and narrative for Cape Lookout and Cape Meares State Parks. Any feedback or suggestions you may have will be most appreciated.

  5. Swav-
    Please forgive my delayed response… our holiday festivities have been quite wonderful. Now I’m catching back up with my blog friends.

    You are more than kind to think of me for the Liebser award, and I am very honored. However, I have chosen to be an “Award Free Blog.” Clicking on the little squirrel at the foot of my blog leads to this message: http://justanothernatureenthusiast.org/award-free-blog/

    Thank you, Swav-

  6. Hi Jane,
    So glad to have found your blog. It is interesting that we both began with that K-8 certification. I was teaching middle school life science when the opportunity came to take the certifications and specialize in gifted child education, which I did for the next 10 years. Otherwise, I was all set to go the naturalist route. I had a freshwater aquarium set up in the classroom and the kids brought me little “gifts” of minnows and crayfish, aquatic frogs etc. which we built into a little creek ecosystem in our class. Later, I was happy to work with the arts programs and staff as part of my responsibility- but never had the privilege to “be” that artist in residence… what fun you must have had with the tile project! I admire how dedicated you’ve been in pursuing the certifications, and know the kids you work with are better for their time with you. I’ll be on the Oregon coast for a week beginning next week, based in LC, and would love to meet you if you have any time free. If you are still working in schools full time I understand this is the worst possible time to fit one more thing in, and understand. I”m retired, and still love September 😉 Elizabeth/ woodlandgnome@zoho.com

  7. Hello Jacob-
    Thanks for finding my blog through your friend 🙂 and deciding to give a “follow.” I hope you will enjoy my nature-oreinted perspective. 🙂
    I hopped over to your blog and appreciated your tribute to Robin Williams… must admit it made me cry to hear of his death.


  8. Hello Becca-
    It is so very kind of you to select my blog for the Liebster blogging award. I am very honored by your nomination. However, I’ve selected to be an “Award Free” blog, and will not be fulfilling the requirements. The following is a little explanation behind the decision to be award-free…

    The opportunity to meet new people through blogging, to gain world-wide perspectives through the treasure box of blog posts, and to participate in conversation with other bloggers is the “award” I’m happy to enjoy every day. You are an example of one of those treasures.

    With kind regards-

  9. Thank you for your input here, Bonnie, I am interested in reading The New Yorker article and appreciate the lead!

    Of all the “big” nature organizations, my impressions have been that their work has been largely well-focused. Your statistic certainly points in that direction 🙂

  10. Hello CT-
    Indeed! I smiled at your post “So Nice to See.” I imagine seeing the street again is big cause for celebration.
    Sending you wishes for spring- and a “follow”to see how nature fares in the process 🙂

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