Assignment Day 10 | Eliminate Distractions: Cutting Down Grass

The purpose of this assignment was to eliminate distractions from a photo. I selected this photo from my Day 9 Wildlife series. I think that it has a lot of problems. I’ve always been a person who enjoys a good challenge… so here goes!

This is the original, unedited photograph.

First decision: Crop to eliminate some of the grassy area and dark area in upper right corner.

Second decision: Edit exposure, contrast to eliminate darkness and bring out details in feathers.

Third decision: experiment with Lightroom features: Spot Healing Brush, Healing Brush, and Clone Stamp tool to eliminate grass. This was the tricky part!

There are some blurred areas where my clones weren’t 100% spot on. However, for my first attempt to perform this type of photo surgery… I think the patient will live. I’m pretty happy with the repaired leg that I added. Can you tell which one it is?


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