Assignment Day 8 | Flower Shot

The purpose of this assignment was to get as close to a flower as possible to fill the frame, and at the same time, achieve sharp focus. Recipe was to use a large aperture and shallow depth of field.

There are no impressive flowers in our yard yet, and it was a windy day. Since no requirement was given about photographing “real” flowers, I decided to focus on a beautiful bouquet my granddaughter handcrafted for my birthday present. The sparkly ladybug in the middle puts a smile on my face I hope it will cause you to smile too.

Camera settings that worked well for all shots:

The bouquet:

The close-ups:

An older post-  Awakening Spring Blossoms


    1. Thank you, Tracy. It’s helping me a lot to go through these assignments. I’m a hands-on learner, and so, taking this class is helping to cement the concepts in my mind better than all the books that are sitting on the shelf in my library.

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