Assignment Day 7 | Serene Water

The purpose of this assignment was to use shutter speed to capture motion blur. Practice involved applying various shutter speeds to observe different effects on moving water.

For future success in this aspect of the Exposure Triangle, I took extra time to wrap my brain around the f/stop concept. I equate this concept of photography to the concept of working with plaids when I sew. I literally require very concrete ways to have tactile models/experiences to find success with internalizing how the pieces fit together. Does that make sense?

Anyway… my camera underwent a lot of manipulation as I drew sketches and diagrams to pay attention to which way to turn front and back dials for stopping up and stopping down… which way to let in more light and which way to let in less. Although I’ve had my cameras for some time, these movements are not necessarily automatic. I’m determined to conquer the light.

A sunny evening at the local library water feature provided a setting for this assignment.

When I came home, I pulled out my neutral density filters and plan to take another run through this assignment when we have another bright sunny day. Understanding f/stops appears to be a key for using that tool. I’m anxious to give a run at ND filter use. Understanding the process behind ND filters will open a lot of new doors, especially at the beach.


        1. Good point, and I always forget… when we were in Prescott Valley the climate and ecosystems were greener than area near Phoenix. Maybe more water there.


    1. Thanks, Patrick. This one wasn’t one that tried my patience… however, there are a few upcoming assignments that I’m pretty sure will. Maybe those will be ones where you would shine 😉


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