Assignment Day 6 | Stop the Action

The purpose of this assignment was to capture clean, crisp stop action photos by using a fast enough shutter speed.

In all honesty, my successful stop action photos up to this point have been rendered without full appreciation for understanding the mechanics for how to effectively allow enough light into the camera. I would self-critique by noting a tendency to have at least one of the three exposure triangle settings incorrect. By shooting in Manual Mode, I am more clearly understanding the exposure triangle. By the end of this course I know I will rely far less on post processing. And… I will probably not rely so much on Aperture Mode as I have to this point.

A sunny afternoon and water fowl on a local pond gearing-up for breeding season provided a lot of subject matter for stopping the action-

Mallard Mania

Canada Goose Fly in for some “Sweet Talk”


    1. Thank you, Tina. I am totally enjoying the journey. I love photography more and more… I’m so grateful for the first important DSLR camera my husband gave to me for my birthday a few years ago… well… probably more than a few!

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    1. That’s my favorite one too! And to think the shot went off while both his feet were on top of the water. A moment later, they probably would have been submerged. Fun when good luck happens.

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    1. Thank you, Shevonne. And an interesting habit that made me feel empowered as a photographer. Feels great to stretch. When I purchased my cameras, I knew there was a lot to learn. Love the challenges!


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