Narrow | Openings in the Garden Gate

Look fast!  Visitors who pass through the narrow openings in the garden gate don’t linger. Such was the case when tiny Townsend squeezed into the yard on a cool winter afternoon.

After days of scavenging for seeds, the aroma of fresh peanuts beckoned the little fellow.  Without  hesitation a peanut was selected and hugged close.Townsend knew what to do as he hoisted the nut to his lips.Peanut clamped in tight, the chipmunk readied for a lightning-fast retreat. Eyes aimed at the narrow exit, his body twisted, released like a spring, and popped into action.

Striped like a race car crossing the finish line, Townsend zoomed to make his narrow escape.

Clear and once again ready…

What will this visitor do? Will he use the narrow escape, or find another way out?

Submitted for the Lens-Artist photo challenge #84 |Narrow


    1. It was cause for celebration to see him scamper into the yard. Thus the peanuts. Feral cats have caused the native chipmunk population to decline. At one point, we thought the chipmunks were totally gone.


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