Assignment Day 3 Exposure | Capture Sunset

It was fun to play around with exposure during sunset this evening. After weeks of rain and clouds, the colors felt terrific.

Our assignment was to use the camera’s meter to create proper exposure and to move away from center to observe the effects of underexposing and overexposing the photo.

These are my photos with camera information, followed by my reflective thinking.

Reflective thinking-

Photo numbers 1-6 all have the same settings for: focal length, aperture, ISO. The exposure time was the only variable.  Photo 7 deviated in both aperture and exposure time.

  • 0.0008s | f/22              did not allow much light to enter and a very dark image resulted;  virtually black
  • 0.05s |f/22                   allowed enough light to produce saturated colors, well defined clouds, and                                                   crisp black silhouettes
  • 0.07692s | f/22           colors washed out slightly, clouds less defined. crisp black silhouettes
  • 0.1s |f/22                     colors less interesting, clouds fuzzy, slightly graying silhouettes
  • 0.16667s | f/22           sky colors and clouds washed out, slightly graying silhouettes
  • 0.16667s | f/4.5          sky totally washed out, foreground, mid-ground, and background features                                                   illuminated- no more silhouettes.

Printing the camera information by taking screen shots in my SmugMug gallery is a tremendous “aha” moment for me! Up to this point, I was either scrolling back and forth on my camera screen, taking notes, or flipping back and forth in SmugMug…  all time consuming, frustrating, and temporary.

The “math” aspect of photography is something I want to understand, however, I am a very visual and tactile learner. This approach is very promising 🙂

On the whimsical side- my husband remarked, “The clouds look like fish swimming across the sky!” I’m tickled by his observation and totally agree.



    1. Yes, I used a tripod.Sunset #3 is probably closest to naked eye. I’m happy the exposure silhouetted the farm field. I don’t think this is nosiness… we are photographers who can learn from each other 😉

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