Find Something Red | Nature Splashed with Red


In the eyes of Cuckoo bees and small flies…


Along stunning sunsets in darkening skies…


In Northern Flickers shows posturing guise.


In flowers showcases where food’s the prize.


Does Nature splashed with red take you by surprise?

Submitted for the Lens-Artist photo challenge #81 |Find Something Red


    1. Thank you, John. Happy you enjoyed the photos. Those squirrels have turned into apple addicts. We stored some of the windfall apples and put a few out at a time. It’s humorous to watch the techniques those critters employ to eat and escape with a tasty fruit meal.

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    1. This was a fun challenge, Patti. I enjoyed assembling this post. You are correct, that is a dandelion. I’m not sure what attracted the flies to them, but there were several other flies posed on other dandelions that day as well. That photo and the Cuckoo bee were times the small things in Nature took me by surprise. Little lives where I didn’t expect them…

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