Squirrel Appreciation Day

Scurrying up tree trunks.

Scampering gingerly about the yard.

Chasing each other with carefree abandon.

Barking with conviction when sounding out warning.

I appreciate the entertainment and liveliness that squirrels bring to the outdoors.

However, I also appreciate their tough persistence in the face of hardships when injured.



Every now and then, we witness a squirrel who seems to go about the business of living without any outward sign of distress even though is is clearly hurt.







This squirrel looked like all the others as he drank water and proceeded to hang in that unique upside down manner squirrels do as they settle in to feast on seeds in the bird feeder.








However, when he changed position on the feeder, it was clear that not all was good for this little fellow.




Today, I appreciate the tenacity of this squirrel. He represents a determination and conviction to continue moving forward through times of difficulty. If he were a younger squirrel, we might have an opportunity to bring him in for a bit of first aid. However, at this age, we decided it is safer for him and for us to trust Mother Nature and to let him navigate and heal with her help.


  1. As “ordinary” as they are, I love watching them, too, and their gymnastic feats are amazing. In Cleveland, where we had a bird feeder, it was all-out war with these tricksters (no killing type of war, of course.) Eventually we had to put a baffle on the pole for the feeder and still one would give it a try every so often.

    Right now when I’m in the park, sometimes the only animals I see/hear are the squirrels up in the trees scritch-scritching away on nuts. It makes me happy.


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