On Display | Holiday Lights

The pace of travel on Portland International Raceway slows way down during the winter holiday season. High speed race vehicles are replaced by unhurried every-day vehicles. The swoosh of racing slows to snail-pacing through the curves and straight-away sections of the track as people of all ages enjoy Winter Wonderland, a magnificent display of lights and animation, the largest drive-through light show in the Pacific Northwest.

Smiles start and continue with a wave to Santa.

Faith traditions are illuminated with symbolic icons.

Light tunnels add to the  anticipation of magical displays yet to be discovered.

We had fun seeing if we could remember the words to  The Twelve Days of Christmas and sang along as best we could. A lot of laughter filled our car as we poked along this section of the track.

A Partridge in a Pear Tree

2 Turtle Doves

3 French Hens

(4 Calling Birds)

5 Golden Rings

(6 Geese A-laying)

7 Swans A-Swimming

8 Maids A-milking

9 Ladies Dancing

10 Pipers Piping

(11 Lords A-leaping)

12 Drummers Drumming

I took a pose at the finish line to capture the joy on the faces of our daughter and grand-daughter.

We wish you…

Submitted for the Lens-Artist photo challenge #76 |On Display


    1. The lights are a lot of fun. However, I think my husband still is enchanted by the racing thing. Back in the day, he had inspiration to do sports car racing… in a TR3. (I think that pretty well dates that dream)

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