Please don’t get crabby…

While I add to my site

My blog will probably seem like a scrapbook for a little while. I have almost a year’s worth of photos organized in folders on my desktop. With my best of intentions, they sit there. Waiting for me to drop them into Just Another Nature Enthusiast along with the stories that they tell.

I hope you will be patient with me in the Reader. My plan is to drop the photos onto my blog first, by back dating, and then to return to fill in the narratives. I think this could be messy in the feed, but I’m not sure how else to do this.



  1. Good to see you back. I use Wordless Wednesday when I want to post a pic and not really say anything about it. I picked the phrase up from tyler4turtles, but I never paid attention to whether there were any actual guidelines.


    1. Good to learn this is an open-ended challenge. I see Tyler fairly regularly now that he lives in our neck of the woods. I didn’t know Wordless Wednesday was inspired by him. 🙂

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  2. I would make it a series. 😊 You already have named it “scrapbook” and you can add No. 1 after the first. Sometimes I find a picture and brief description is more popular than adding a story. I surmise that people are busy and a short description is easy.


      1. You’re welcome. I’ve been evaluating what I write about on my blog. My long posts and automotive articles have not been well received. But the rat trap modification post I did several years ago continues to be a favorite.


  3. I do think it is wise in general not to share more than two or three posts on the same day, but one of the great things about having our own sites is that we can do exactly what seems best to us. When we blog about nature, we do feel some pressure to write with the seasons, but there is no fixed need for that. If we all end up posting winter snow or leaves for a month or two it is less interesting than if we mix it up a bit.

    I have a lot of pictures I’ve been meaning to share too and am just catching up as and when. I use drafts, as TextileRanger suggested and post when they are ready. Another idea is to schedule a series of Wordless Wednesday or Silent Sunday picture posts, which you can then go back to, retitle and add words when you have time or if you want to. But what works for you will work for us, I’m sure – good luck!


    1. I’ve been wondering about the Wordless Wednesday and Silent Sunday challenges. Are there guidelines or themes to follow? The WordPress rep. I chatted with a couple of days ago wasn’t able to provide links to those two challenge guidelines. Are there specifics I need to know to participate? Thanks for your help 🙂


      1. Wordless Wednesday and Silent Sunday are informal, community challenges. There is no host for either, so nothing to link to. Publish your post on a Wednesday – just picture(s), with no text other than a title, category and tags. Some people take it very strictly and just title every post Wordless Wednesday, but that means you have lots of posts with the same title. Some people do not tag, but I suspect that is because they never tag their posts. Many people do what I do, which is title the post Wordless Wednesday: Pink Rose, where the last bit is a brief title. I tag each post with a few relevant tags depending on the picture, eg Wordless Wednesday, Rose, Pink rose, Flowers etc. Pictures can be of anything, but I choose pictures where there are no prominent words and where the picture doesn’t need too much explanation. Some people do include a few words of description, but I never do on these posts. If I go back later and add words, I remove the Wordless Wednesday bit of the title and the Wordless Wednesday tag. In essence you can do whatever you want, nobody will criticise you for it. I have seen many WW posts that are pictures of words: just because I don’t do it myself doesn’t make it wrong.

        SS is much the same, except the challenge runs on Sunday. If you hold the day as holy, you will no doubt bear that in mind when selecting the pictures. If you still need more info, you could search for the challenge eg ‘Wordless Wednesday’ in The WordPress Reader and see what other people are doing. My only other tip with challenges is to try to find a few minutes to search for the challenge each week you take part, and check out some other people’s posts who are using the tag. That way you’ll find people who are interested in some of the same things.


  4. Maybe you could just create each post without hitting the Publish button, just save as a Draft, then go back and add the writing? And then you could publish them in any order you wanted. Either way, I look forward to reading what you’ve been up to!🙂


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