Waiting | Great Blue Heron on a Mission

Adopt the pace of Nature.  Her secret is patience.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

If a feather moved at all, it would have done so only in a passing breeze. This morning, a hungry Great Blue Heron gave the prey no clue. The heron lingered… waiting. It was posed, ready to pounce on a meal when the moment was perfect. Until then, this bird focused with a steadfast gaze.

My arms grew tired holding my DSLR with a long telephoto lens, waiting. I had to shake the numbness out a few times. And then… it happened.Like a flash of lightning, the heron’s patient waiting came to a quick end. Clamped tightly in a massive yellow beak a large bullfrog tadpole became breakfast.

Swallowed in a massive gulp, the roles were traded. Soon, the tadpole would be waiting to be digested in the stomach of the large blue-gray bird.

For the Great Blue Heron, the time for waiting had come to a close. It stood for a moment- seemingly satisfied with the catch.

It turned and gave a skyward gaze.

Then, with outstretched wings-

the massive bird waited for the air to catch. In a blink, the heron was off to a new location along the wetland.

Submitted for the Lens-Artist photo challenge #72 |Waiting


    1. Thank you, Amy. I made a list of all the Lens-Artists prompts I missed this year. Thank you for having your posts so well organized!🙂It will be fun taking a “big picture” approach and see how my posts play out.

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