Along the Swale: February 12, 2019

We started the week out with robust rains here on Glencoe Swale. Waters have receded back to normal levels for this time of year…


A dose of heavy rain

February 12, 2019 Landscapes were not normal today.

This is the usual view of Glencoe Swale from our home this time of year-

This is definitely not what we normally expect to see out our front window-

Precipitation amounts recorded in the Glencoe West rain gauge measured: 1.47 inches on February 11 and 2.75 inches on February 12. The total of 4.22 inches of rain created many areas of high water.

Time for a Glencoe Swale/Creek field-trip… On with the rain gear, grab my camera, and out the door I head with my husband. We’re off for an afternoon outing to investigate water-levels along the watershed from the headwaters to confluence with McKay Creek.

Flood Photo Galleries

The following photo galleries share what we saw and learned along the way.

Glencoe Swale confluence with McKay Creek: 

Pasture areas at the end of NW 10th Street show…

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