Photos at 50 m.p.h. | Umpqua River Highway

During road trips, I like to keep my camera in my lap. When beautiful sights, curiosities, or the unexpected appear… it’s nice to be prepared. I like the challenge shooting on-the-go adds to photography… it makes me pay attention and try to remain quick on the shutter-button. We rarely drive home from the beach on Oregon State Highway 38; surprises proved to be around several bends.

Sheep grazing on pastures beginning to green-up as winter months enter the downhill slide toward spring.

Remnant of a building sparked our imaginations- my husband and I conjured up guesses, but we were stumped. Do you know what this structure once was?

How about this one? You might need to be from the Northwest to know that this is a Wigwam Burner. These furnaces were used to incinerate wood waste at mill complexes; they put a lot of smoke and ash into the atmosphere. In the 1980’s, Oregon regulation and enforcement of the federal Clean Air Act put an end to this practice and doused the fires in the last of these burners.

Now there’s a clever wall… and it’s on wheels! An innovative farmer created a barrier using old tractors. (I wish this photo was in better focus. I think it’s rather humorous, don’t you?)

There’s just something eye-catching about red barns…

and… old-fashioned farmyard wind mills.

Scenes like this take away any worry or care that tries to tag along on a trip… always good to take a moment for a deep breath and a peaceful valley sigh.

Thank you, Amy. I enjoyed rounding up photos for this week’s Lens-Artists challenge #31: Landscapes


    1. I like that- “Beehive burners”- they do look like an old-fashioned honeybee hive!

      They are a rare site here, too. I saw a list on one of the historical museum websites and it wasn’t very long. Apparently, there were hundreds that burned around the clock… back in the day.

      Happy you enjoyed the post, Bruce. 🙂


  1. I like that the row of tractors appears to be moving! 🙂 Very appropriate. I enjoyed these glimpses of your part of the world. All to often when driving, I’m driving on my own, which takes away the opportunity for shots while driving. 🙂 And it seems that I usually see something that would make a great photo, but there’s nowhere to pull aside and get the shot. 😦


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