Shore Acres Holiday Lights

The enchantment began as soon as we rounded the drive into Shore Acres State Park. A magical glow of lights floated through the trees… branches brushing the glow upward.

We expected to find crowded displays on Christmas Eve, however, we were astonished and delighted to discover only ten or so other visitors.

Most of the paths were ours to stroll alone. How could we be so fortunate on Christmas Eve? Our feelings of excitement were non-stop… every glittery path held a new sense of wonder.

Undersea gardens…

Gray Whale…

Grasshopper, worm, turtles, and snail…

Classic fountain at the intersection of holiday garden delights…

Frog hopping across the garden pond…

No matter where we wandered, our evening was filled with magic… all light displays inspired by the flora and fauna that are found in the nearby Oregon coastal habitats. A truly glorious holiday tradition for all ages.

Sunset Bay State Park provided camping very close by.

Shore Acres Holiday Lights brochure


  1. Beautiful! Shore Acres has been on my destination list for some time, now. I was there once when I was very young and remember being so intrigued by the variety of plants and the story of how the place was built/developed. Don’t remember much any more; something about having to ship all the materials in and pulley them up the cliffs somehow?

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