Beloved | Mother

Since the news of my Mother’s death…

My Emotions-

are like the inside of an old-fashioned golf ball.

The kind I unwrapped as a kid-

miles of rubber band stretched

around and around and around the core-

Unraveling took time and patience.


As I unravel my sorrow…

I clutch her lifetime in my hands

and thoughtfully unwrap-

moments, days, weeks, months, years, decades

of emotional rubber banding that wind

around and around and around my core-

expose….the now-achy center of my being…


My heart…

first brought to beat

in my beloved mother’s womb-

Is broken.

I have faith…

My pain with her death,

as her pain in my childbirth,

will transcend.


Time and patience hold memories close

wrap them around and around and around my soul-

the joys, celebrations, humor, support

the sorrows, challenges, frustrations, disappointments…

Mend my achy center of being-

Embrace me

With inspirational, reassuring recollections-

Preserve the core of life

lessons and experiences

my mother and I lovingly shared… Together.


I miss you, Mommy…

Travel with God on angel wings…