A Face in the Crowd: Urban Coyote

Surroundings are deceiving.

Although the face of this coyote appears to be in the wild.

His approach is wary.


face in a crowd of suburban homes nestled around a wetland refuge.

Weekly Photo Challenge: 02-21-18 “A Face in the Crowd


  1. It’s interesting how domestic dogs react to coyotes. we have a Labrador Retriever and a Miniature Schnauzer – the coyotes howl very near our home in either the wetland edge out front or in a wooded area along our side yard… neither dog seems too concerned. Maybe because they are inside? Weird, though, I did my imitation of a coyote call last night… that got Kirby, the Lab to barking… 😳 By the way- I learned that it’s advised not to run from a coyote, but rather, to yell, throw something, at it, and generally make a big commotion and scare it off.


  2. Too close for comfort. Many years ago several coyotes came within several yards of me and my dog, Sadie, while camping. Interesting to see up close but Sadie definitely felt threatened.


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