Sustainable Living on the Swale


Oh no! Styrofoam

The new printer was a good eco-friendly choice:

  • Energy Star Qualified
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Recyclable Product
  • Ecotank- to reduce consumption of ink cartridges

However there was one vexing problem:

  • Part of the packaging included styrofoam form-fitting blocks


PlanetCon 2018: A Community Recycling and Swap Event– planned by Westside Master Recyclers with support of Washington County Solid Waste & Recycling and the Hillsboro School District.

The event was a perfect solution for the printer packing Styrofoam/polystyrene problem -and- as it turned out, for several other recyling challenges well.


Cars lined up to drop off styrofoam/polystyrene chunks. Four gigantic dumpsters were filled during the three hour long event.


A collage of opportunity was organized…

Information Tables-

Information tables were enthusiastically shared by a variety of community organizations to assist in educating the public about ways to reduce, reuse, recycle, and rethink. The idea? Enable folks  to…

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  1. Nothing irritates us more than some of this packaging stuff. The latest frustration was a company that stated it was now using biodegradeable pellets, but the gift was surrounded, not in this, but in their old non -recyclable styrene. Grrrr!

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    1. We are similar in our frustration with non-recyclables. Not sure how this goes in Australia- but- a problem here with the biodegradable plastics is they degrade the plastic produced when mixed in with non-biodegradable plastic and melted down… rendering the resulting plastic batch non-profitable. Double Grrr!

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  2. I would like the ability to recycle more packaging materials. Lisa is in the process of moving and we have been able to re-purpose a lot of extra items by setting them on the curb under a free sign. We have been amazed how quickly the items found new homes.

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