*Earth | Autumn

Ears of corn listen

as sunflowers bow their heads

give thanks

to Earth

a place for Mother Nature’s

Generous bounty


Weekly Photo Challenge: April 19, 2017 | “Earth

* 14/35   I’m playing catch-up with 2017 Weekly Photo Challenge Posts | Names, Ambience, Graceful, Re-purpose, Solitude, Shadow, Against the Odds, A Good Match, The Road Taken, Wish, Atop, It Is Easy Being Green!, Dense, Security, Surprise, Earth, Wanderlust, Danger!, Reflecting, Heritage, Evanescent, Friend, Order, Focus, Transient, Delta, Bridge, Collage, Unusual, Satisfaction, Textures, Elemental, Ooh, Shiny!, Corner, Structure


  1. WOW, beautiful! I love seeing fields with crops; corn, sunflowers and everything else! It is a joy driving through areas of farmland and seeing the different crops.

    Love your header photo; we have enjoyed one White-breasted Nuthatches this summer (maybe its mate was somewhere around). Recently two Red-brested Nuthatches are visiting our yard.They zip in, pick a seed from the feeder and zip away!


    1. I haven’t seen White-breasted in our yard for a while. The red- breasted are permanent neighbors, however! They are so fast at snatching a meal. Whenever I can claim a good photo it’s a very happy moment. I can understand why you enjoy the visitors to your yard, Sheila ❤️😀


  2. I’m laughing, Janet… this photo was a drive-by shot taken at a much slower speed along a state highway. My husband and I noticed the field on an afternoon outing to a nearby lake. We noted where the field was so on the way back I would know when to roll down the window to take my chances at getting a photo. He even pulled over a few times prior to the field to let traffic pass, anticipating that he would have to slow down when we got back to this spot!

    Love the bonus- that you can enjoy these. Although I imagine the fields in S.D. Are much more extensive.

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  3. Such simple beauty. Reminds me of the fields of sunflowers I see every year in South Dakota. Unfortunately, I’m always fly along I-90 at 85 mph and there’s nowhere to stop to get a good photo. I’ll just have to enjoy these. 🙂



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