*Textures | Tumbled Smooth

River rocks…

Smoothed by abrasion as rock collides against rock-

Once jagged edges transform to convex  as currents transport them downstream-

Tumbled smooth in texture… eventually reduced in size-

Dynamic river action smooths stones with seasonal changes in speed, and water levels.

Photo Location: Wilson River at Tillamook Forest Center Click for related post

Weekly Photo Challenge: August 2,2017 | “Textures”

* 5/35 playing catch-up with 2017 Weekly Photo Challenge Posts | Names, Ambience, Graceful, Re-purpose, Solitude, Shadow, Against the Odds, A Good Match, The Road Taken, Wish, Atop, It Is Easy Being Green!, Dense, Security, Surprise, Earth, Wanderlust, Danger!, Reflecting, Heritage, Evanescent, Friend, Order, Focus, Transient, Delta, Bridge, Collage, Unusual, Satisfaction, Textures, Elemental, Ooh, Shiny!, Corner, Structure


  1. Do you know when the center was built? I lived in Tillamook for 11 years or so, and seem to remember driving by a number of times on my way to Portland as it was being built. I’ve never been to it. Maybe I’ll check it out on my next trip to the coast. Looks beautiful!


    1. The Tillamook Forest Center opened in 2006. Maggie, I think you will enjoy your visit there. Because we generally travel to the Coast on 26, my husband and I were not aware of this beautiful nature center until one of our Oregon Master Naturalist field study classes was hosted by the Center a few years ago. There is a lot to learn and see inside and out… plan to stay for a while. 😉
      Hours change by season, check ahead:

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    1. That’s true, Jim. Especially as we feel the sadness connected with the blaze in the Columbia Gorge. So many lessons learned through the Tillamook Burns. Ed and I enjoy stopping by this place. I think the day we all spent here during our OMN field studies keeps it special.


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