Yes, the sun did come up… But it’s raining in my soul.

I do take comfort in President Obama’s remarks:

We are all on one team. We are not Democrats first. We are not Republicans first. We are Americans first. We are patriots first… Go forward in good faith.”


I love my country and will stand by her. However, I do so with deep concerns  for people here and abroad, and for the well-being of our shared – Earth.

Emotionally, I’m devasted.


  1. It is NOT politics as usual. In my mourning and grief, I take solace in posts such as yours Jane. Thank you. I will continue to be a conscientious objector and a conscious activist in our troubled world. I will continue to advocate for those who cannot speak or act on their own behalf, and I will continue to take refuge in my little corner of the world. Despair and hatred…be gone. I have many wonderful ways I can be of service to others and for that I am extremely grateful. Right now, it is my only avenue to maintaining some semblance of sanity.

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    1. I agree, and what you say just seems to become more and more the case as each day passes. It was not comforting to watch the 60 Minutes interview, and is horrifying to follow the list of names that are appearing for the new presidential staffing/ advisors. As I listened to President Obama’s press conference today the sense of mourning and grief puts me hand in hand with you Debbie.
      Your work in literacy is more important now than ever❣
      Thank you for your thoughtful insights. Perspectives from outside the country are enlightening.
      I am deeply touched that this post and conversation thread gave you solace.❤️

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    1. That’s a good question- our political situation truly has been like throwing a stone into the pond with the ripple out effects quickly spanning out on an international scale.

      Indeed, a lot of us must be doing exactly as you have noted, scratching our heads. One can only hope that as the political greenhorn gets a grasp on the true seriousness of Presidential responsibilities he will settle down to make decisions that are best for humanity/Earth and not just for himself.

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    1. Thank you, Lindy. Do you think conversations like these will help us to support each other and to find our way? This is even more overwhelming today than yesterday…


    1. I don’t know, Peter, it’s going to take some time to figure out what is real in a surreal election campaign/election… just thinking about the news stories that are breaking as we blog… I believe we are in a serious situation though.


  2. I think just about everyone is stunned by the results. But then I could not imagine someone who broke the law concerning the handling of classified information being President (being that I know the law because I am bound by them and would be in jail if I had as many classified document on my home computer).


    1. Patrick, I understand your point of view… however… our president-elect’s behavior must also be held suspect. His ability to abide by the law in business, and in personal behavior choices is not pristine. Who he has kept company with politically on the international level could also be questioned. He should be held accountable, too. Especially clearing up matters before being sworn into office.

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      1. I’m in full agreement. I feel that there are many leaders better qualified for the job but we ended up with what we have. Unfortunately the political elite and super wealthy live according to a different standard. Those of us who hold U.S. Government Top Secret Clearances are dumbfounded by the lack of accountability by the FBI and DoJ. The use of Clinton Foundation funds to enrich the Clinton’s is beyond belief. The behavior of Trump toward women is way beyond comprehension. His business dealings are questionable at best. Both, in my humble opinion, lack integrity. But it is politics as usual in D.C. I’m saddened by this years election results on so many different fronts.


        1. Your analysis and conclusion reflect key frustrations. Politics as usual in D.C.? We seem to fall deeper and deeper into tangling up what could be one of humanity’s finest models for governing and promoting liberty and Justice for all. Yes, your sadness is shared… Folks in my circle of daily life share that emotion along with a list of others – none of which are happy, hopeful, or celebratory. As a nation, have we ever come out of an election feeling this way before?

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          1. This election is the first time that I have felt sadness as to the overall process and result. Many around me are expressing the same thoughts. I believe that this is a new political low based on my knowledge of U.S. history. My first Presidential election was 1980. A lot of ups and downs in D.C. so far in my life.


            1. My first time as a voter was 1972… But politics were a topic of conversation while I was growing up. My aunt was a member of CIG then CIA with several assignments overseas. Her home in D.C. provided her nieces and nephews many childhood memories of firsthand experiences in our nations Capitol. I recall feeling like a VIP one summer vacation when she arranged for my sister and me to have a personal visit with our state’s congressman and special seats to observe Congress in session! You speak of ups and downs… THAT was an up! Those experiences as an elementary school-aged youngster built a foundation for my belief in our government systems. There have been elections where I’ve been disappointed, but never this stunned and distressed.

              Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts, Patrick. God bless.

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  3. My initial gut reaction is to turn inward, become as self-sustaining as possible, and turn my back on society, politics, religion… But nature, Mother Earth… I won’t turn my back on her. I too, feel the rain.


    1. Maggie… isn’t that the truth… as an initial reaction? Turning inward to try making sense of all of this is a healthy idea. Trying to gain perspective, analyzing what seems to be true and untrue, and coming up with a proactive way to support, sustain, and nurture our Country and Mother Earth…. Oh how to respond??? I’m soul searching right along with you ❤

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