The Curious Nature Guide: Noticing Things

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  • Page 25

“Try This”… Make Lists of the Local Plants & Animals Already Known

I’ve been keeping track of my local bird neighbors… Some of whom come and go with the seasons, for quite a while. My log contains information for about 45 species.

Please click image to view my Bird Log

Reflective Moment

One thing Clare Walker Leslie recommended to do is record dates of sightings. Perhaps some day I can use photo history to add that data…it would make my log more scientific. A couple years ago an effort was started that I can revisit and revive?

The photographs of other animals and plants in my nearby area are not in any organized fashion yet. Dozens are in folders waiting… I hope the “Try This,” new blog, and chilly-wet fall/winter weather will inspire me to get that task accomplished.

Guiding Question

What local animals and plants do you currently know?

Book Study


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