The Curious Nature Guide: Somehow Alike

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  • Page 15

“Try This”… Things I found in nature that are somehow alike

Strands of golden hues weave forest and garden together on this glorious Autumn afternoon. I am overwhelmed by the power of color.  It commands our backyard landscape to somehow coordinate in a dance of leaves- those choreographed to boldly leap from tree limbs while others timidly balance like tightrope walkers on grapevine ropes. All perform in similar garb of radiant yellows before an audience of cheerful sunflowers. How plants coordinate their wardrobes in this fashion… Only Mother Nature knows.

Reflective Moment

The cycles found in Nature never cease to amaze me. They are all somehow alike in the ability to know when it’s time to move to the next phase. Looking for similarities in how organisms react and coordinate in response to seasonal changes is miraculous… Like this show of color in plants reacting to Fall.

Guiding Question

What did you find in Nature that captured your attention as “somehow alike?”

Book Study

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