Book Study (updated 11/01/16)

What is this?

Book Study

  • Look for books that can inspire growth in ways we experience, observe, reflect, and write about the natural world,
  • Encourage writers to discover and try processes that reveal unexplored territory in their practice of writing about Nature,
  • Provide an opportunity to share and reflect about our experiences with each other through blog comments.

Book Selection 1: 

Please click on the title to find details about this book-

The Curious Nature Guide

Clare Walker Leslie organized her delightful book into three sections:

  1. Begin
  2. Discover
  3. Explore

Within each section are “Try This” activities, along with scores of other ideas to inspire interaction with the natural world.

Get ready!

Grab a copy of the book.

Get set! (updated 11/01/16)

I will create Book Study posts as I navigate my way through the book. My posts will bounce around a little because there are some activities that are season specific. As a result, the page references will be out of order sometimes.

To participate in the book club, please:

  • locate the prompt under the Book Study tab on the header menu of this blog;
  • participate in the prompt and write a post on your blog (include the tag, “Book Study”),
  • share your experiences by pasting a link to your blog post in the comments section of the “Curious Nature Guide” prompt.

Please, do what comes naturally… how you choose to pace your participation is up to you. No due dates… share and comment as you are inspired.

  • Tag your post Book Study;
  • Share a link to your post in the comments section of the “Curious Nature Guide” prompt you completed.

Go! (updated)

Each book club activity will be organized into four parts:

  1. What page of the book are we on?
  2. “Try This”– As an example and to share my participation in the book club,  I will post my writing project for that particular activity here.
  3. Reflective Moment– a few thoughts written to describe personal reactions to the writing experience. I will post mine here as an example and to share my participation in the book club.
  4. Guiding Question– offered as a way to get you thinking about the book and eager to jump back on your blog to participate as a Write-Outside Scout, nature writer 🙂

Check out the activities:

The Curious Nature Guide: first section… “BEGIN”

  1.  Observations page 12
  2.  Somehow Alike page 15
  3. Memorable Outdoor Experiences page 21
  4. Noticing Things page 25
  5. Handwritten Letter page 29


    1. I’m so excited!! There really is no “keeping up,” Maggie. As you write, please share links… I imagine this is going to be a lot of fun.

      Once you have the book, perhaps you’d be willing to share some thoughts on pacing. As you may have seen on my update, I’m just doing the first section for the rest of this month… Then thinking a break to February would help to stage the other “Try This” activities.

      As with any new venture… Flexibility, monitor and adjust as needed…. Are key. Yes?

      Liked by 1 person

        1. You do have a nice flow going… That’s difficult to do sometimes. Stay with what working for you… I’m glad to be back in touch, and am striving to find that sense of flow again.

          Liked by 1 person

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