The Curious Nature Guide: Observations

What page in the book are we on?

  • Page 12

“Try This”… My Observation

About 4:00 pm Saturday, October 22, 2016 Glencoe Swale- Oregon          In our garden

I watched this Garden Spider for about an hour.

  • Three captures already hung in the web
  • Spider actively wrapped honey bee with silk
  • Web thread pattern altered around another honey bee
  • Small white flying insect struggled to get free
  • Spider seemed to use curled leaf as a work platform

Reflective Moment

I generally shy away from spiders. The process of capturing prey is very efficient and quickly done. I’m glad I used the “live” feature to take macro photos… Like having a microscope to see the finer details.

Guiding Question

How was your attention captured… What observations did you make?

Book Study



      1. I’m holding thumbs that it will make it to our bookshops as well. I’m afraid thanks to the value (or lack of it) of our currency ordering online from overseas is prohibitively expensive…


        1. That is sad to hear. I take Amazon for granted… With discounted prices and fast delivery. Sounds like Amazon Prime is not an international choice. I wish I could get a copy and mail it to you.?


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